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Oct. 2nd, 2013


DS: Innocent World Piano Skirt

♡ I ship from 30096, USA
♡ Please inquire for shipping costs.
♡ I am accepting offers, so please leave one if you are interested :)
♡ I accept Paypal payments only
♡ All items are in the condition they are stated/described/pictured to be in!
♡ Please ask all questions before purchasing :D
♡ My EGL Feedback is here:

Innocent World Piano Skirt: $110.00
Condition: Like New, No Stains/Flaws
Waist: 22-26 inches
Length: 21 inches


Jul. 25th, 2013


DS: IW Dollhouse JSK in Black, IW Rococo Flare Rose Skirt in Black, AP Star Night Theater Set, More

DS: IW Dollhouse JSK in Black, IW Rococo Flare Rose Skirt in Black, AP Star Night Theater Skirt + Socks (Pink + Red), VM Fairy Doll Replica by Kidsyoyo, Betsey Johnson pink Petticoat...Collapse )

Jul. 8th, 2013



Dec. 13th, 2011


Dummy's Guide to Both Himuro Best Friends Ending for Tokimeki Memorial GS1 (First Love Plus)

  Dummy's Guide to Both Himuro Best Friends Ending for Tokimeki Memorial GS1 (First Love Plus)  

This entry isn't going to make much sense to anyone who doesn't play Tokimeki Memorial GS1 or other otome games.
However, I struggled with getting Himuro's best friend ending so much that I don't think there's a proper guide out there.  
So here we go!

Big long cut for Himuro Best Friends Guide...Collapse )

Aug. 25th, 2011


I hate it when teachers do this

Teacher: So, does anyone know what hierarchal abstraction is?
Class: ....
Teacher: ....
Class: ...
Teacher: ...
Class: *still ...*
*silence for a good 30 seconds*
Teacher: Well, it's blahblahblahblah.

*1 minute later*

Teacher: So does anyone know what the abstraction is in this diagram?
Class: ...

*rinse and repeat*

Aug. 23rd, 2011


Eee~ Cute SP Art

To be honest, I'm not kidding when I say that I thought I'd seen every piece of SP art that exists on the internet :P
Imagine my surprise when I found that I'd missed this little gem:

Hee~ :D

Aug. 2nd, 2011


For Pinkunosakura

Sanada and Tezuka VA wearing the same curly flat pointy toe shoes at the 100 song marathon? :P
Pictures under the cut:

Not all that much of a discovery, but just cute xDCollapse )
Bad Idea Bulb

So... About that Shishido guy... (ART)

Gyah, playing Shishido in RP is so...!  I dunno.  I feel like his personality is starting to mix into mine, which is making me more foul-mouthed.  I also have been a bit more of a grouch lately, and say "Tch" a lot to myself in my head. X_x  I dun wanna become a burly retard~!!  Waahhh T_T.

Just kidding, Shishido!  You're not actually a retard! :D (I think...)

Went to my first day of work today and went through some basic training stuff.  I have to go in again for the next three days for more training, I think.  It's a hassle because I have to get all make-up-ed and dolled up because I'm selling hair jewelry and extensions and stuff.  The manager says that it's like "being a princess!", so I guess I have to look like one.  At least I'm going to learn a heavy helping of customer service skills.

I drew two pictures of Shishido... urr... I guess they're both of him (?)...  today.
Why is it that every time I draw guys, they always end up genderbent?!

Well, to my credit, I drew man!Shishido in a lolita dress with a pink purse! teehee! (being angry, no duh), so I guess he's still a man.  And longhair!female!Shishido in gothic lolita. (Similar outfits) 

Under the cut :DCollapse )

May. 7th, 2011



Just went yesterday night to see Distant Worlds tour (Final Fantasy) at the Atlanta Symphony Hall.

SO  FUCKING FANTASTIC!  I got chills like the whole time, especially when FF8 music was played (my favourite :OO)
What was surprising was that the Georgia Tech chorus was actually the chorus that was singing and they were pretty kick-ass (The program said that they recently had been doing very well in terms of the southeast and they have a good director too.) 
But yeah-- any song with the chorus was really awesome.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for human voices, but the first song, Liberi Fatali from FF8 (Opening song) was just so awesome, my spine tingled the whole time.  Unfortunately, I do have to say that whoever was in charge of the cymbals was off... more than once.  And considering that he's by far the loudest and most easily heard, it was kind of irking me that he couldn't even get his beats straight-- dude, you're like one of the most obnoxiously loud instruments in the orchestra-- at least make it on the right beat!! 
Anywayss~~!! <3
Fisherman's Horizon (FF8) was also really really sweetly done, it was gorgeous-- probably my favorite song the whole night <3  I'm so happy they chose that song-- it's so sweet and chill.  The FF13 stuff was also incredibly gorgeous, especially Blinded by Light.  So fucking adrenaline rush when I hear that song, especially when accompanied by motherfuckingBA!Lighting videos :D  Yeah~
And then afterwards, Anton and I went to go see Thor in 3D.  Pretty good, I'd say, like better than average-- I really like how the 3D was used tastefully in the video, not like a gimmick.  I hope other movie studios use Thor as a role model for using 3D in a more mature way in the future-- to enhance the movie experience, not to give audiences a heart-attack whenever someone throws something. 
Of course, I am no movie critic, so I could be completely wrong about this as well -__-.

Aug. 11th, 2010

Kurama Hiei 2

Togetic evolves into... Magikarp!?


So it was Togetic the last time I took this test, like two years ago (July 2008), and now I've become a Magikarp.

Wow.  This is pretty sad:

I am a Magikarp!
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